Me on the Street

Goodbye August and hello October.  What is going on with this Midwest weather?  I hope it’s not a sign of a long cold winter but right now I’m tickled to wear pants. Yes, largely because I don’t have to shave my legs today, but also because I’ve FINALLY bought a pair of colored pants and don’t feel as if I look like a large booty’d clown.  Let’s face it….of all the colored jeans and pants out there, few look good on a non-model body.

I have found that the ankle length, slim to skinny fits are best.  Even for the booti-liscious girl, it’s more flattering to taper than not.  Line-free or thong undies are a must with these hugging styles girlfriend!  Just sayin’.

Now…where I found my pair that actually fit me surely surprises you as much as me because the only apparel item I’ve bought from there in the last year or so that fits me well…. is a hat.  I’m talking about Target my friend.

granted..this photo from the Target website makes them look horrible and I would have never ordered them having them presented like this.  In the store and putting them on the body…big difference.  They are Mossimo ankle stretch, Fit 3.  I could use a bit of tailoring to pull the waste in on account of having to get the size that fits my booty, but an extra $10 or so on top of a pant that is only $24.99 and otherwise fits me is faboo!

Of course you need to pair a skinny tapered pant with the right shoes and top.  You can go a bit looser on the top as I did.  Even add a jacket as the weather cools tonight.  Easily an outfit under $100.  Who’d have thought?

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