Working with a good team

Last Sunday was another photo shoot job with Her Kansas City magazine and the best one yet!!

The  difference?  This one gave me goose bumps!  It’s not easy to put together a group of women who may have never worked together before, are all entrepreneurs and experts at their jobs, and expect greatness in just a few hours.   Sounds more like the makings of a potential cat-fight, doesn’t it?   Something magical clicked with our group last Sunday and ended with Vogue-worthy images for the upcoming September’s issue of Her Kansas City magazine.

The assignment:  transitioning your wardrobe with four key apparel pieces, make two outfits for each piece.  One late summer outfit, then show how to transition that key item to early fall.  No pressure, it’s only 6 pages for the fall fashion spread!  I felt like I ran all over town gathering items and still wasn’t sure I had nailed it because the models wouldn’t try on until we were doing the shoot! ACK!

The team for these eight looks: two models, one photographer, one stylist, one makeup artist, one hair stylist and the Editor.  Duration of job: just 4 short hours!  It was amazing.

I am not good with lingo for other industries.  So when I said I wanted a side bun ponytail sorta thingy, loose and with a little oomph but not so over the top that it took away from the outfit but yet showed the capabilities of the hair stylist and also let the makeup artist do something creative…..well…they rocked it.  Luckily we had two artists who both did hair and makeup (this can also end up a bad thing if both artists are bull headed and think they both know everything – happens often).   Shimika and Casey seemed like they had been working together for years!  I left them to make sense of my hot-mess of a description (known as Jennifer talk) so I could work with the other model who was being photographed.  Later I turned back around and our stylists were so in sync making this look happen that I giggled!   I can’t show you a photo until the mag comes out but I was so happily surprised.

The end result will hopefully tickle you and give you some great ideas for taking the items you have for summer and working them into fall outfits.  The part that I didn’t realize until later when I was typing out the price and item lists….the most expensive item was $80 – a pair of KUT jeans.  Next was a $65 skirt and it went DOWN from there.  Showing that you don’t need a huge budget, just a new item or two and an open mind.

Please visit the pages of each of our team members to see the great work they do.  They are all women who work very hard, put out amazing work, and also are such good, kind people.

Thank you again Jessica for honoring me with yet another job with the magazine.  I especially enjoy doing paid jobs after years of freebies with others 😉

Also a shout out to Greg Wade at Seven Model Management.  He lives and breathes his job, is on call 24/7 for his global clients and turns amazing young ladies into fabulous,  professional models. And Berg Event Space for having the vision and creativity to build such an amazing space out of an old downtown building and for letting others make beautiful things happen there.   Plus it wouldn’t be a fashion shoot without the clothes!  Thank you Nikki Grant Boutique, Avondale Rd Boutique, and Inspire by Tiffany.

Makeup/Hair, Casey Martin: and  Shimika Kennison:

Photograph, Tiffany Matson:

And from Seven Model Management: Katelyn P and Kaitlin B – you girls were a joy to work with!

Need some help with your wardrobe?  Maybe you have a new job and need a new look?  Or perhaps you just need to get out of the mom-clothes and rejoin the rest of us?  I am now style-for-hire!