Forget Falsies, Go 3D

lashes Besides the shoe fetish thing, you could say I’m a mascara whore. I will go to great lengths to find the best, most long-lasting, easy to apply mascara. Because without mascara you are still, essentially, naked. And truly (tangent here) you can look even more fabulous naked with these two ingredients: shoes and mascara. That’s a whole different post 😉

I’ve not tried all the mascara brands but this girl has definitely been around the lashes block. Recently I was given a free set of Younique 3D mascara from Independent Presenter, Cheryl Finch. She didn’t ask me to post a review or do anything for the set. She just wanted me to try it (probably because she knows I have a big mouth and will definitely talk if I love something).

You know I’m honest so I’ll tell you, it took me a few tries to get used to this product. The instructions say to use your regular mascara first, then apply step one which looks like a regular mascara brush and a gel-like mascara. Do one eye at a time. Immediately after applying the step one, step two goes on. This is where I was less than graceful at first. It’s a weird looking little wand with fuzzy looking fibers on it. I was experiencing a bit of trepidation because I didn’t understand what it was, but I went for it. I made a complete mess! I should have found this video first. Be gentle with step two. A few swipes in the manor of which you would apply mascara, you apply these fibers. They grab on to your lashes and basically apply themselves as lash extensions.

I finally emailed Cheryl and told her I was having problems with clumping and general messiness. She suggestiong NOT using my own mascara first and just starting with the step 1 gel. Huge difference! Love that advice. Now I love this product. I use it more often now than just for special occasions (of which this mom has few). It gives me more practice not to mention sexy long lashes!

So yes, this Younique 3D mascara gets to walk the Suburban Catwalk for it’s awesomeness!


Here is a good before/after photo from Cheryl’s FB page