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Our Suburban Catwalk Maven, Janet K, checks in..

This recently my Suburban Catwalk turned into a Rural Catwalk as I was sent to the small town of Bellville, TX for work.  The long travel days have taught me a thing or two about traveling in both comfort and style.  Travel requires us to get out of our normal daily routines, but with a little planning and preparation we can manage to take a vacation or a business trip without total wreaking havoc on our fitness and beauty regimens. Here’s what I’ve picked up so far:

1. Stay fit! There are a lot of things you can do to maintain an active lifestyle while on the road or on vacation:

a) Make your vacation active! Hiking and outdoor activities make for great vacation excursions. Walk downtown in a new city, or spend the day walking around a theme park with the kids. At the beach try a new activity like snorkeling or yoga on the beach, which most resorts offer.

b) DO relax your strict diet a little bit – this IS vacation after all! Plan for some treats, especially a local specialty. DON’T use vacation as an excuse for a caloric free-for-all. If you’re planning a big dinner out at night, keep your breakfast and lunch light. Bring healthy snacks to keep in your purse during the day to help avoid excessive cheating.

2. Plan  your packing. I like to carry-on if at all possible. This can be a headache with makeup and skin care given all the regulations these days. Because I don’t want to transfer everything I own into 3 oz. containers and a ZipLoc bag, I only stick to a handful of products. Another upside is that this also saves on packing space.

I just turned 30 this year, so I’ve become WAY more particular on my skin care regimen. Of my many products I use (which my husband calls “lotions and potions”), I pick just 2 to travel with. First was a product I got to try at the EmpowerMe makeup launch. It’s a pineapple enzyme scrub, which leaves my super dry skin feeling really hydrated…and smells like pineapples! Second is a product from Image Skincare called Vital C. It’s a brightener/moisturizer, and the vitamin C makes it smell like oranges. For these products an empty hotel shampoo bottle works well.  If you have a lot of items, there’s  Bobbi Brown empties, specifically designed for traveling with your favorite products.

3.  Dress the part. I never cease to be amazed at the things people wear at the airport. I get that we want to be as comfortable as possible, but let’s maybe change out of our PJs people!  First off, you are in public, and you never know who you’re going to run into.  Also, call it a coincidence, but I’ve never been upgraded wearing sweatpants!  And single ladies, I have a friend who ended up meeting a long-time boyfriend on a flight back home.

4.  Shop local! Once you reach your destination, take the opportunity to visit some of the local businesses.  This is a great time to find that unique top or accessory that no one has seen back home.  If you are vacationing (or have some extra time during a business trip), take the time to indulge in a spa treatment and rejuvenate your skin after a long day of traveling.

Happy travels!

Janet K, Suburban Catwalk Maven

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