Summer Style, 5 Ways To Beat the Heat

Here in the Kansas City area, as in many others around the country, the heat is one thing but the humidity is making even my sweetest girlfriends a bit on the cranky side. Some of y’all (for my southern girls) are off-the-charts where style is concerned and I’m calling a state of fashion-emergency, STAT!

Five heat-beating solutions to stay fresh and in style:

Problem: love the sundress but I have to wear a bra!  (If every maker of sundresses would just put in padding we would all be a bit happier)

Solution:   Self-adhesive bra, and if needed a tube top over it to keep it more secure. The brand I have is Free-Bra.  The only time I had a worry was in the sweltering heat of a soccer stadium and it got a little bit slippery.  Otherwise this bra has opened the door to so many more beautiful sundress and strapless dresses for me. ( $36)

Problem: strapless dresses are too, well…strapless.

Solution: secure that dress and your confidence with a bit of fashion tape.  A double sided tape made for apparel.  Also great for wrap dresses on a windy day 😉


Problem: the sun…it’s so darn hot!  I  want to wear a hat but I have nothing cute.

Solution: please ladies, there are so many fabulous solutions in hatwear, so put away your husbands’ ball cap and try something pretty.  I love my floppy, sky blue hat from Target.  I paid about $15 and I use it several times a week.  At the pool, the kids’ baseball games and around the yard.  It’s fashionable and I don’t have space here to get on my soap box about skin cancer risks…wear the hat. (photo: BCBG $48)


Problem: My makeup is melting!

: this could take some trial and error.  First you need to know why it’s happening.  Is it the makeup you’re using or are you just prone to oily skin?  Or both?  Throughout the day use blotters to soak up oil.  Doesn’t mess your makeup.  Try using a primer before applying face makeup.  Apply little foundation if you can.  The less that you can live with, the less that will run.


Problem:  I am just so sweaty!  It gets all over my clothes.

Solution: Some people are just more sweaty than others.  It’s called hyperhydrosis and can be treated by injections but I’d check out a non-invasive approach.  Try Med E Tate by DermaDoctor.  These toilettes can help reduce embarrassing sweat.  I haven’t personally tried them but I’ve talked to people who swear by them.


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