The Makeup of Hunger Games

I am SO excited to see the Hunger Games movie!  I started the book series a few weeks ago and blew through it in days because it was SO good.  You can imagine the excitement I have about the fashion and beauty involved as  (at least in the book) they prep the Tributes for the games in the most over-the-top ways that it would make even the best drag queens a little jealous.

From the few clips I’ve seen so far the costumes seem a bit lacking.  I think Effie’s costume was possibly borrowed from the Queen of Hearts.  I guess we all have budget restrictions these days.

Mirabella has a great instruction card for a Hunger Games inspired look that will make you envy Katniss just a bit (except for the being poisoned and beaten and separated from her family and friends part).  It’s like having your own personal Cinna with this handy card nearby. 

Try it and let me know how you look.