Color Block

photo by Harrison Frazer – Getty Images

Color blocking is a trend that some would say is “so last spring” but it’s still hot as ever.  Many mistake color blocking as a single garment with blocks of color on it.  But that’s not all.  Do you see women out there with these amazing outfits on and you think “I would NEVER think to put those colors together but WOW”?  Well my pretties, the code has been cracked and the results posted by a straight guy no less!

I cannot even attempt to write my own version because this guys post is the tops (and I am far too lazy and a bit more concerned currently with the remote control indoor helicopter that someone thought would be a good birthday present to one of my boys.  seriousl?).

So check out this post by Nick Robinson and the try it out.  Post your success photos, or hot messes because we all need a laugh on occasion. 😉  If you still find it confusing, even after Nick’s fabulous explaination, then just email me and we’ll go shopping together and fix you up darling.  Enjoy!


Photos: top photo is Diane Von Furstenburg NY Fashion Week spring 2012 collection.  Next photo is my fave new shoe, Madden Girl – found at and at OffBroadway Shoes.

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