Betsey does spring

by Frazer Harrison

I much prefer the 70 degree temps earlier this week.  Not the 30’s and 40’s of today.  So to further my denial of winter ever happening, and to get my butt in fashion gear, I turned to Betsey Johnson to get my creative juices flowing and happy smiles going.

One cannot help but grin like a goof at a Betsey Johnson runway show.  It’s a theatrical production most times, laced with Betsey’s endless energy.

Last September we enjoyed another great from the fab one, but spring seemed so far away that I didn’t bring it up ’til now.  The show had everything to offer in terms of fabrics and colors. Sequins, charm-like necklaces, sassy platform boots…oh my.  the crochet piece is adorable and even the barbie-doll like girls make me giddy.

Let the spring feeling seep into your veins and try not to smile at yet another fun collection from Betsey Johnson.  And yes, she did end the show with a cartwheel and splits.  🙂