Donna Karan Spring 2012 runway

Tribal meets Suburbia in Donna Karan’s spring 2012 collection inspired by her travels to Haiti.

I didn’t love the clothes on the runway, honestly.  The colors were so sad.  But after researching a bit more I’ve come to understand and appreciate what the designer wanted to achieve with this collection.

The clothing speaks of worldly travels, confidence and art.  As the designer writes in her online journal about what Haiti means to her:  “Haiti brings out every emotion you have – despair, compassion, love and hope – as well as the excitement of what’s possible with some heartfelt connection and creative collaboration“.

One of my faves is the one shoulder dress with the “serpent” print.  It is so sleek and sexy when it moves. I see the color of bone and hint of metal.  Both materials used by artisans in Haiti to make some of the most beautifully carved works you have ever seen.

Check out some of the collection shown here and tell us your favorite!

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For more on Donna’s travels and inititives check out her fabulous foundation Urban Zen

Photos by Victor Virgile/Gamma Rapho.