Xtreme Lashes does brows!

New show-stopping product hitting salons now that you must get your hands on if you want an easier brow filling application with long-lasting results.  It’s not a powder that can cake or simply blow away.  It’s a pen and if you regularly do your brows, you are going to love this!

I recently tried the new brow pens by Xtreme Lashes.  I am not a regular brow filler gal, though I need it desperately.  When I go out for an event or dinner I definitely do my brows because it adds such a finishing touch and a much more photo-ready face.  I have tried the pens a few times and am still getting the hang of it,  but it’s worth the practice.  The product definitely stays on longer than anything else I’ve used.

What is really impressive is that after using the pens once and not quite doing it justice, I emailed the company for help.  Right away I got helpful hints, which I tried and did so much better with!

If you are a brow pro, get this pen and love how easy it is to apply.  If you need a more subtle approach, use the angled brush.  Apply the tip of the pen to the angled brush, then apply that to your brows.  This helped me be a bit less heavy handed. 

I’d love to see more color options for the brow pen.  Other than that I can do nothing but give glowing reviews for this time saving, long lasting brow pen!

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