I Don’t Know How She Does It

You hear that comment often in regard to busy women who appear to have it all “together”.  Even I often hear “I don’t know how you do it“.  And I’ll be you really want to know how she does it because there has to be a way.  Right?  Well friends…here is the amazing, mind-blowing secret that you are dying to know:

She doesn’t.  Nope…she doesn’t really do it all.

It’s not easy to keep up appearances.  Not easy to juggle it all.  I’ve done it.  I’ve made it look good.  But the key?  Something else gets neglected.  I’m here to tell you the honest truth.  I did my nails the other day…my hair looked like shite!  I don’t think I even combed it at all.  But my fingers are a beautiful chrome pink color, my toes a deep fuchsia (of which are already chipped reminding me again, that I should just stick with clear polish).

You cannot do it all.  Not alone.  Probably not even with a cleaning lady, nanny and a clone.  But if you know you are going out the door, you can fake it a bit and look like you have it all together if that is what you desire.  And if you think you look good, you probably do because you glow a bit with confidence.

Now for the point of this which seemed a bit circuitous and full of my typical tangents…. I thought it would be an interesting experiment to photograph myself before I go out the door each day…and to challenge others to do the same.  To show what we are wearing and make ourselves try just a bit more on our appearance.  Maybe give a little inspiration to another woman who would be thinking to herself “wow, I never would have thought to put that and that together”.

It’s made me try a bit harder because, let’s face it, the moment you know that photo is going in front of the world, you start to care what you look like just running to Walgreens.

I’d like a name for this project, but I can’t do this ALL on my own.  So if you think of a great name, let me know.  Because Project try not to look like you own nothing but leggings and t-shirts is far too long.

 Photo from my second day.  First day photo seemed to have disappeared.  Probably for the best.  This is simple layering- a plain purple long sleeve tee with a fabulous little vest.  Jeans, boots and my latest favorite bag by Lulu Guinness.  Still lacking because that day I finger combed my hair.  I also have to get out of the habit of doing my makeup in the car, but even so, will probably never show my face because I just don’t photograph well at 40. 😉

Show me your look ladies! 🙂

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