Knotty Hair

Inspired by the knotted pony tails at the Michael Kors fashion week show, I wanted to give some quick tips on how to do it yourself and get this fun easy look.

You need a handful of bobby pins, two pony tail holders and a brush.

Brush your hair well.

Make two ponytails in back.  Don’t worry about making a straight obvious part in your hair.  Just grab it and go for it.

Now tie the two pony tails together.

Use bobby pins to secure but keep the whole “knot” looking loose, not like it’s stapled to your head.  Then just let the ends hang free.

You can do this down at the nape of your neck or up higher.  If your hair is long enough pull it to one side to have a side knot.  You can slick back the whispy strands around your face or just let them free.

Also for a different look with the same technique take small portions of the free hair at the ends of the pony tails and secure them behind the knot until they are all tucked in and you have what almost resembles a bow.

Have fun with it and post your photos on our Facebook page!

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