Sexy and slimming springwear

For a while now the new “thing” has been combining shape wear into regular wear.  Now on one hand I tell myself that the shape-wear pieces I have are just fine and I should just buy regular clothes.  But when you put on one of these shape-wear-built-in items you see that it’s such an amazing look you want it too.

The problem for many is that a good shape-wear piece costs anywhere from $40-100.  But the rationalization is that you will wear it often with a lot of different outfits.  Then you have the clothing with shape wear built in which is not a cheap price tag, up to $180 for some pretty basic looking pieces.

The top to the left is $118 at Yummie Tummie.  I have one of their tanks and I love it (it’s comparable to the one on the right but mine is a bit older so I believe the style changed a bit). I wear it a lot with dresses in the spring and fall just for that little extra smoothing.  Definitely a staple.  $48-54 at

What do you like?  Shape wear pieces that specifically go under your other clothes?  Or the clothes with shape wear built in?  Let us know.  Post here or on our Facebook page.