With the limited amount of time I have this morning I thought, “what is the one item I would wear today and suggest everyone else wears for just that extra step in looking like you styled your outfit rather than dressed in the dark?”

Cardigan.  Ok, two things…and a necklace or fab earrings.   Ok, no, three things.  Faboo shoes.

Seriously…I’ve nearly walked out of the house with jeans, scoop neck t-shirt looking very mom-ish.  Quickly turned around, grabbed a simple cardigan I picked up for under $30 from H&M a few weeks ago in NYC.  Realized I needed to step it up a notch so quickly touched up my toe nails, grabbed some open toe wedges and a long necklace.   Dashed out the door.

Then I realized I was only going through the bank drive through.  Hey, thought that counts, right?

Pictured is a cardi I spotted online from Hemline.

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