Get strappy

Spring is here and the strappy sandals are out of the closets!  I love love love strappy sandals.  Seems they are easier to fit which makes it easier for me to buy them online. 

When purchasing shoes online make note of the materials used to make the shoes. Many man-made materials don’t stretch and give as much as natural products.  If you foot is wider than the norm, you will need that stretch if the shoes don’t have multiple widths to choose from.  Often I find that strappy sandals allow for the room a wider foot may need.

Also check the return/exchange policy.  Usually there is an ample window of time to receive, try on, and return if needed. 

Suede shoes seem to be on sale a lot right now as it’s typically dubbed a winter shoe.  It’s still acceptable to wear in spring and summer so check out those online sales.  Just make sure you have a great can of weatherproofing spray for those suede beauties.

If you are not one to make a big splash of color in your clothing, use shoes to get a little “mad” with color or any of the fabulous spring prints available in stores now.  Shoes can make the outfit.  Strappy sandals with jeans and a simple top is a much hotter option than sneakers or flip-flops.  Step it up ladies!  Step into spring with gusto!

One last tip…speaking of sales.  Shop with a friend because often you find “buy one get one” offers.  What better way to bond with a girlfriend than to find fab shoes with a fab discount, together?!?

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