What will you be wearing?

So many trends to figure out and wear.  We can’t possibly wear too many at one time or we’ll surely look circus-like rather than chic.  Clothing can be difficult for some, especially when what you really want is a total wardrobe overhaul.

Take a baby step into spring trends with nail color.  The possibilities and shades are endless.  Plus in spring we can pull off colors not necessarily good for fall.  Just take the Alice In Wonderland collection by OPI for example. 

The Thanks So Muchness is a beautiful reddish shade.  Whereas the Mad As A Hatter is a great purple with fun specks of gold and other spring bouquet colors.  Remember to shorten your nails.  Gone are the days of long red nails.

The Alice in Wonderland Collection is a bit tricky to locate in stores as it sells out quickly.  Amazon and other online outlets may be your best bet.