Meet our new peeps

After a year of troubles and set-backs, I’m so happy that we’ve been able to add a few great fashionistas to our Haute team. It’s going to be a fun year!

We have Danielle Hayes, former owner of Western Glamour, mom to one and one on the way. She’s the coolest cowgirl I know, even if she has goats and such. At least she named the goats Dolce and Gabanna. She’ll be writing great articles about her obsession with fashion and helping me navigate the world of social media. Check out her personal blog:

Stephanie Herter is working on bringing great event sponsors and added fun to Haute Market shopping parties. In her spare time that is. She also has two kids and owns City Girls Boutique in the KC Metro.

Great news!!! Megan, the intern, graduated!!! She’s now our PR Princess helping boutiques and designers grow and spreading the Hauteness. Megan will share great pr tips here:

And finally, our new mascot. I was tired of being the only girl in the house so a few days before Christmas we brought home a 10 wk old kitten. She’s our cougar in training. She’s pictured left reading Allure magazine and drooling with me over the shoes.

She has a name but we can’t tell you yet. There will be a contest and cool prize later if you guess it. See our Twitter Party info below to join the fun.

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