need style guru!

This post is not my usual random ramblings of the non-sensical nature. This is a style emergency and I need a guru STAT.

It’s one thing to sit here and post tips and advice…or to tell someone they look like a lumberjack wearing that horrible plaid dress. It’s entirely another to dress myself to be recognized as a decent and sorta-smart business-woman.

So…tomorrow morning I have to do a photo shoot with other business people who have also won this certain business award. First of all, I’m least likely to be spotted on the street by someone who would say “my that’s certainly a smart business woman”. So this is out of my element.

Second…they said wear neutrals for our dark background.


I think I have one neutral dress other than loads of black.

Black is too easy so all that is out. I have to make a statement. I’m supposed to be one of the fashion-chicks in town.

I can’t just go out wearing my red Alexander McQueen. There would be a domino-effect of coronaries.

I have these three dresses just pulled out of the closet.

The teal one is my latest treasure because I bought it during fashion week, during Fashion Night Out in NY, and MAX was IN THE STORE! I could probably use one size smaller, plus I was in a magazine spotted wearing this. So is that out? It’s SPRING 2010 and I’ve already worn it. ACK.

Funny, these are all BCBG.
I am thinking the neutral with black boots, long black necklace or 3 layered. ???

Seriously…what do I do? All this must be decided by 9:30 tomorrow morn. help! I could just wear skinny jeans tucked in fab black boots with understated buckle, with a few layers ending with sweater on top. Crapola. Whatever it is in the end, it has to be with tights and boots cuz this momma has no time to shave AND do my hair/makeup.

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