NY Fashion Week update

Hey there fashionistas. Checking in from the Big Apple to keep you in-the-know and up to date. Fall 09 fashion week brings mixed emotions and mixed reviews. Definitely is lacking what years gone by have put forth. Since several designers backed out of fashioon week the schedule is riddled with more newcomers than usual. Some should have stayed hidden where they were.

Fashion Week also brings out the freaks of fashion. I cannot understand why the fashion police do not stop these people at the doors!?! Seriously. I am quite certain that I was no where near inebriated when I spotted MC Hammer reminicent pants. Not to mention a mohawk and a pirate hat. The pirate boy..I wanted to slap him upside the head and steal his hat for my boys! That sort of hat only belongs in a movie or on a 6 year old.

I found a fabulous store today in the East Village, Cadillac Castle. They carry designer samples at a fraction of retail. A sexy Nanette Lapore dress for only $80! I scored a fun Walter trench coat that will be perfect for spring for just under $150….over HALF of retail.
Also met up with and interviewed the talented young Jamie Phyl of Phyl Couture. We met at St. Louis fashion week a year ago. I loved her style then and it gets better with time. Watch for a complete article with photos and video coming soon!

Another fab find from Fashion Week – I ran in to my gorgeous Jack Mack….at Chipotle of all places! Jack is interviewing designers for the LOGO network and has a hilarious blog going where he says what others dare not to. My kind of dish! http://www.newnownext.com/ New Now Next is Jack’s current home on the web for all things feisty about fashion week.
Though I completely disagree with Jack about the fabulousity (or not) of Barbie…we do share a hatred of a certain PR company, which is way more fun to bitch about than the actual shows.

So many shows, so many photos…so little sober time at the computer thanks to the complimentary bar in the tents 😉

I will post more photos soon. It’s not like us Midwest fashionistas are ready for Fall09 anyway….we can’t even wear spring 09 yet for goodness sakes!

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