Studs studs everywhere

No, I’m not talking about the men here in NYC.
The Mara Hoffman fashion show was riddled with studs. Studded shoes, studded leggings, even a studded bodice – I need to find out how much that weighs. Don’t know how that tiny model stood upright.
Then there were the feather-fringed vests, wool fringe wrap sweaters, and cape coats.
I loved her collection and the flawless presentation. The hair was loose curls and waves. The eyes were colored with a turquoise shadow. The rest of the face was otherwise a beautiful natural look that no doubt took loads of makeup to create that effect 🙂

I wish I had time to give the scoop but I saw6 shows yesterday and am still spinning.
Herve Leger Fall09 collection is amazing and beautiful. I believe my mouth stayed in the dropped “OMG” position for most of that show.
Miss Sixty was over in a flash but was definitely high energy and fun.

I ran into my friend Carmella Spinelli, one of the master minds of SOHO119 in Kansas City. I am excited to get into the off-site showing of Luca Luca Fall 09 – the designer is one of her former students. That should be a fun time. Crazy meeting someone you know from KC here in the Big Apple.

Time to get ready. I slept in a bit thanks to the fabulous complimentary bar in the tents. Who knew I loved Chambord so much?
Off to Tracy Reese this afternoon and her after party tonight.
Have a beautiful day fashionistas!