Home Sweet Home

Good morning fashionistas. I am finally back in Oz. I love my brief visits to the big apple but brief is all I can take. Oh how I longed for oxygen infused air! My hair was a wreck all week at is soaked up all the exhaust and subway fumes. My skin, however, was fabulous thanks to my host and contributing editor, Sarah. She works for Peter Thomas Roth and as a result has a sick amount of skin care products to play with and test. The chamomile cleanser is the best!

Fashion Week ends today and is all such a blur to me right now. I lost track of how many fashion shows I attended after seeing 6 on my first day there.
I was tickled to run into my fab fashion friend Jack Mackenroth at Chipotle of all places. We love to bitch about the trials of covering fashion week. Jack has been covering fashion week for the logo network so has his own entourage of makeup and film crew with him. Quite funny but it keeps him looking divine at all times. I’m green with envy babe.

I also took the wrong train one day and had the pleasure of being in Queens for a brief time. That was different. 🙂 After that I studied the subway system and have it nearly mastered.

Wednesday night I attended my favorite beauty event of the year. The CEW (cosmetic executive women) Network’s Beauty Insiders Choice Awards. Where beauty execs from nearly every beauty company known to woman converge to put their newest items on display in hopes we will vote for them. I come away with about 30 pounds of beauty swag to give away on the blog and the Haute Weekly site. Stay tuned and join the newsletter for your chance at winning my swag!

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