To do, or not-to-do…

In reviewing the sick amount of money we wasted over the weekend, I thought a to-do and to-not-do would be good for this Monday morning.

My not-to-do:
Our family visited the Kc Renaissance Fest. Had it not taken almost 30 minutes to get there, park and walk 1/2 mile to the gates I would have demanded we leave when I saw it was nearly $18 for an adult to get in. So for all 5 of us (one was under age limit and didn’t have to pay) was just over $50. That includes nothing. Just the privelege of walking around. Then we dropped another $60-70 on drinks and snacks, a few games for the kids. I mean really….I could see paying a tenner to get in. But $18?
So I could have bought advance tickets for a few bucks less. If I’d tried that we would not have gone in the first place.

So, sad to say…the Ren Fest did not live up to expectations and show value for our $100+ 4 hours. We only stayed that long because I refused to not walk every path in search of something worth seeing.
I’m sorry to bag on such a KC tradition…but there has to be value equal to the amount one pays to attend.

Other things going on to put on your to-do list:
Monday, Oct. 4th – Complete Your Sytle, Complete your Look .
Caleb’s Lighthouse, A Sea of Beads:
Local jewelry designers will be able to assist you in designing the latest trends in jewelry
Bring in an outfit we can help you can make the jewelry yourself in the bead boutique or we will custom design a piece of fabulous jewelry for you.
Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind necklaces,bracelets and earings made by local jewelry designers are always available.
We have the best Bead Bar in Town..come in for a Bead-a-lini Happy Hour 5-7pm.
jewelry making all day long.