Damage Control

I have decided that I should take my role as a responsible member of the media in a more serious manner (yeah, whatever) because it’s possible that things I say/write, could be taken too literally (by an eegit).
In some cases, things I have said or done have been taken quite seriously so I’m going to make sure I’m careful about my rantings. Case in point…my dear husband. He’s a bit of a male fashionisto. He’s quite on top of the men’s trends, brands and such. And, apparently, he occasionally listens to me. He commented this morning that he’s now finding himself checking out the handbags of his female co-workers, trying to see if the C’s on the Coach bags line up on the seams (real) or if they just cut off and start at a new place on the pattern (fake).

Unfortunately most of them are fake. Which in a way, is nice, because he realizes my rantings were not unfounded, that we are truly dealing with a knock-off epidemic in our area. So…girls in the communications company campus (I feel I shouldn’t put the co. name here)….you are hereby put on notice, because you are being noticed.

To all of you out there….if you can’t afford the real thing, don’t buy the fake. There are some fabulously cute bags at Target right now that would do more for your personal styling efforts. Except for my one friend who simply bought hers because it’s very cute and colorful and she doesn’t give a damn what I say about it….you go girl. 😉