Lunch-time lift anyone?

In this give-it-to-me-now age of speedy drive-thru’s from everything like lunch to coffee to meds…could drive through face-lifts be far off? The lunch-time lift is as common as actually eating during lunch time used to be.
“Would you like ketchup or topical anesthetic with that mam?”

I can visualize a Starbucks-ish corner location with mini-vans lined up as far as the street and local authorities can handle.
“I’ll take the number 11 please”
No, that’s not a big-mac, it eliminates the “elevens” between the eyebrows.
And it can be done at drive-thru speed. I’ve been in and out in under 20 minutes for a Botox refresher between the brows. Still had time for the burger and fries.

So why not do it drive-thru style? I could drive up, lay my seat back so that the esthetician can sit in the seat behind me, administer and shoot off to the next car in line. They could partner with a local sandwich shop and take my order while I’m being pricked, then I pay at the next window and pick up my lunch. I think it’s genius! You read it here first fashionistas. No more choosing lunch versus lift. You can have your cake and eat it too!