Pedi’s and Printz

There are some editors and photographers who choose to endure fashion week the easy way. .. with sneakers and otherwise comfortable, but not fashionable, shoes.
I chose the blistering, painful route of stilettos and platform sandals. Yet this fashion season I was spared the pain because of my new found love….Printz. Of course I also indulged in the ritual of my mid-fashion week massage (Hey, I’m a suburbian. We don’t walk, we drive our minivans. I needed a pick-me-up).
In addition to the massage that helped my screaming calves, the Printz shoe pads by Apara saved the day, for 5 days in a row, through 9 pair of shoes.

These little pads are perfect comfort for the feet. I could not have paraded around the tents without them. I tried, the first day. I don’t know if I was rushed and forgot the Printz or what. It was horrible. I had to soak my feet in ice cold water when I finally limped back to the hotel room. From then on I had Printz in my shoes and an extra pair in my Prada.

I get my Printz at the local DSW. Two pair per cute little purse shaped box. Also available at select stores online.

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