Suckered by the Sample Sale

If you haven’t seen our sister site, the MOBsLounge (Mothers of Boys Lounge), then you should check it out. Especially since my friend and fellow blogger knew about a sample sale that I didn’t know of and posted about it there! The NERVE! 🙂

My feet (and Discover Card) thank you, Christine. I jumped right on to the Kate Spade site to check out the sample sale. I bought an adorable pair of shoes and can’t wait to wear them to something fabulous around town.

The sample sale is over but there are other items on sale at Show a little love to our Kansas City girl.
The shoe pictured here is not on sale, but who needs a sale to justify buying beauty?!? The open-toe, satin pump has a 3.5″ heel and can be yours for a meer $318. Plus, it’s my favorite AND Kate’s too. We have so much in common. The love of accessories bonds women.

I see a few handbags I want as well. At least Kate will be able to afford a flight home once I finish shopping. Hmmmm…I wonder if we can get her here for our Fashion Week. Kate, I’m sure you read this…call me dear. 😉

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