The Hair Affair

Shaving is taking too much valuable time out of my life. I’m treating my underarms (laser hair removal) and that’s as far as I can go considering each time I do so I kiss away another pair of shoes. Imagine how I feel about dropping a few grand to do my legs! For now I’m trying out different hair removal creams to give you my review and help guide you to a smoother self.

I tried VEET. I really thought it would work but after two tries, it went in the “T” file (as in trash). The first time I tried it, it didn’t remove the hair, so I put a bit more on. They aren’t kidding about not going over the time limit. I must have went over because part of my leg felt burned. I gave it a try a few days later. Still no luck. I didn’t see a visible improvement.

Our old friend, Sally Hansen, has a new spray that caught my eye. Spray-on, shower-off. Sounds intriguing, eh? I didn’t realize it until browsing, but it also comes in an extra-strength version. I used the regular and did ok. Spray-on in the shower and wait 3 minutes. Hmmm…that’s awkward, hanging out in the shower, not showering. I rinsed and had to repeat because I didn’t see much hair coming off. The repeat worked, sort of.

The thing is, I don’t think any of these will 100% get all the hair.
But I did like the spray. It was easy. Almost mess free.
However…I used it three times and it was gone. Plus it only gave me about an extra day of getting by, whereas shaving is 24 hrs at best.
I’m not sure the benefits are enough for me to stop shaving and use this stuff at around $8 a can. But at least there weren’t any shaving bumps after. It’s probably something I’ll use a few times a month.

For those that want to do it the old fashioned way…I’ve been using the Venus razors for years and like most of the versions. If you’re going to use a shave gel, you might as well use one that claims to be hair-reducing like this one from Noxema. Plus a fresh cucumber smell.

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