Big Needles & Bad Words

My oh my…it took two weeks to edit, mostly for my fondness of the s-word due to the extremely visible presence of needles in the room…but the Juvederm treatment video is finally ready for your to gawk at.
Yep, I got the juve and it’s all on film. Don’t watch if you’re squeamish about having blood taken or seeing needles because you’ve not experienced squeamish until you’ve seen a needle go into someones LIPS. Yikes.

Was it worth it..totally. I nearly passed out because I get myself so freaked out about stuff being put into my body like that. You’d think after three babies, two of them by c-section, that I’d be a much tougher cookie. Nope. Take my blood, give me an epidural…I’m cool with that. But it was still worth it, dramatic as I am.
Will I do it again? Probably. I have that sexy pout without even trying!

Put a video camera and three other people in the room and tell me to smile for the camera? Shoot…not if you don’t give me wine with that!
Here are some before and after pictures. Check out the filled out lips!

Here is the link to the video.
Big thanks to Aestheticare, Kansas City’s premier medical spa at College and Roe, in O.P, Ks.