Wallet Conscious

iconiconDon’t ask me why I was looking at Petite Sophisticate because it’s not the place I normally go for fashion. It was mostly out of curiousity to challenge myself to find something I could recommend.

While I’m not 100% certain, I can say that this silver blouse may turn out ok with a fabulous pencil skirt. Or it could make you look like a diner waitress.

Sheened taffeta blouse is playful with polka dots and velvet trim. Contoured shape skims the body, fabric belt cinches the waist.
$49.00 sale $34.30

Here is one that I definitely cannot recommend unless you truly want your waist to appear huge and wide. I cannot understand why anyone is allowed to produce such unflattering pieces. It reminds be of the tummy bands one can wear after having a c-section…only in pink instead of the ugly flesh color of norm.

Sometimes you gotta show the good and the bad to appreciate it all. 🙂