Trendz Schmendz

Do you feel that most days it’s just easier to put on the same old thing rather than risk botching a trend? That’s what I’m here for sista!
Trend tip: one at a time!
Don’t try to mix too many trends at once.
Start small and work your way up.

For example…one growing trend is darker nail colors. Don’t just just on board with black nails. Take some baby steps and work your way up. I think black is too goth and prefer a dark blue. OPI has a great new color in their 2008 India collection. Yoga-ta Get This Blue! It’s tough to find as it’s flying off the shelves.

Cover Girl has a few fun shades like this, CoverGirl Continuous Color 3 In 1Nail Polish, Rouge Vamp 096 It’s a plum-ish shade. Not super dark, but eases you into the trend beyond reds and pinks.

CoverGirl CG Boundless Color Nail Polish, Midnight Magic 610 this is definitely dark. Here is the thing…try it out. If you don’t like it, take it off. It’s not like a bad hair-color experience. Experiment and have some fun with it.
Don’t forget your quick-dry top coat! And Puh-lease don’t let the color chip and get yuck. Just take it off!

Post a comment and let us know your favorite color in the dark-movement.