Playing Dress Up

I used to be the ultimate tomboy. I used to race my banana-seat bike against the neighbor boys on their dirt bikes, use a slanted tree stump as our ramp and still have the scar on my chin from wiping out in the middle of the street after using said tree stump. I’m sure that I wore dresses as a little girl, but I don’t recall that and I’m guessing that I fought it a bit.
Maybe it’s because I now live in an all male household that I’m asserting my independence and embracing my girliness. Whatever the reason would be (I find that wine is a better option than sorting all that out with a shrink) I now love dresses, dressing up and even looking feminine!

As I review the Spring 2008 fashion shows held last September in New York, I see oodles of dresses. This carried over to the Fall 08 shows as well. There were a surprising number of light, flowy dresses that can also be expected for this fall.

What can you expect and search for now? It’s almost easier to tell you what not to wear because there are so many new ideas out there, and definitely some old things that need discarded.
No more shapeless women walking around town please! The tunic dress is done. The only way to salvage it if you have one is to find a way to belt it. Shape and fit are in. There is room for a lot of individual style, but the common element is that it’s shaped to fit a female body and show some curves.

Bill Blass showed a collection of dresses that either stopped just below the knee, or went to the floor. Everyone of them showed off the waistline.
While Anne Klein has several looks showing off the knees as well as the waistline.
Even Betsey Johnson, with her flouncy skirts and bright colors, showed the waistline and were even accentuated with a wide sash.

I suppose that brings me back to the one fashion tip I always harp on…fit is it! Show your curves. If you’re not very curvy, use a belt to accentuate the waist and give yourself some shape.

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