Goodies Up For Grabs

Good morning! I have more goodies for fashionistas interested in testing some of my beauty product swag and being a guest blogger to tell us all about it.
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Now for a recap of bare minimum products several of my fashionista friends use. I think it’s interesting to know what other women are using and loving. Especially those products that are their “essentials”. I want to make sure I’m not missing out on some fab beauty secret!

Allyson, Director of Advertising/435 South Magazine, says:
What is your bare-minimum make up? – Bare Escuentals Bare Minerals foundation, Arbonne mascara, eye liner and lip gloss.
What products do you use no matter what?
I don’t really have any no-matter what products. I am always open to trying new things.
Is it mascara that you won’t go out without? Maybe just a quick powdering?
Always mascara – always foundation

I’m in love with Bare Essentials-it all looks natural! I also can’t go without my Mary Kay lip gloss-current color of choice is Cinnamon Raisin.”
Jennifer-3rd grade teacher

My NYC gal-pal Sarah, works for L’Oreal in marketing – so I guess she can’t go super bare. She says: “powder (Smashbox) a little shadow and blush (Lorac) and gloss (Vincent Longo) oh and mascara (Lancome)…and concealer (Smashbox)”.
Ha ha…I don’t see any L’Oreal mention here, Sarah. I know she washes her hair with it though, so she’s safe 🙂

My bare minimums would be my Neutrogena Visibly Firm foundation (20 SPF)– in the winter I like more of a cream–definitely my Almay eyeliner pencil and then Jane Iredale lip gloss in Cosmopolitan for light color. I ALWAYS have my MAC Studio Fix compact!”
Stephanie Chiles of S. Chiles Design/Graphic Design & Visual Communications

My bare minimums are: under eye concealer, mascara, and eyebrow liner.”
Michele – Office Manager/Development Associate, SAFEHOME