Where Do You Keep Your Money?

Start saving your pennies now because there are so many fabulous fashions coming this fall that not getting at least one will leave you feeling sad and alone.
I’ve been browsing pictures of Stella McCartney’s Fall 08 line and I just have to have the felted wool wrap coat. I don’t even want to know what it costs. I just want to hand over my credit card and what will be, will be.
Of course I can’t wear it much because anyplace you go out in this city people think they need to smoke! ARGH! What is it with this metro area? Can we please just go smoke free like the cosmopolitan cities so that we can actually WEAR our fashionable frocks and designer doo-dads? why do you think the men and women of places like NYC always look so good? They can safely wear their goods.
Thankfully, down here in the ‘burbs, I no longer have to request non-smoking sections in which to enjoy my meals. But every time I leave my little haven to cross the border and venture downtown, I have to carefully chose my outfit, not so I can look as chic as possible, so that I can look chic in one of my B or C list outfits that I won’t be in tears over if it’s forever carrying the stench of second hand smoke.
Whew…I feel better with that soap-box-moment having been said and done.
For now, I follow the lead of Ms. Carrie Bradshaw, for I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet.
Happy Friday Fashionistas.