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Hopefully you’re an avid reader of the Fashion 411 Blog here at Haute Market. It might help you win some fabulous swag I brought back from my trip last week to a huge beauty product event in New York. I cannot possibly try all of these products, especially since it can take 4-6 weeks to truly see results of anti-wrinkle creams, acne treatment gels, face scrubs, etc.

One product I tried and loved is the Dr. Michelle Copeland Ageless Skin Foundation. Recognize that name? If you scored a goodie bag at the Feb. 10th event, then you received some products from the doc too.

I was surprised that the light feeling foundation worked for me because my skin seems resilient to keeping foundation in place. It’s as if it evaporates away. I usually use a very thick foundation. I’m alternating primers to see which works best for me. One is the Smashbox primer which has a thicker consistency due to it’s silicone base. The other is Lorac which feels more like water, but in a good way.

Let’s back up and I’ll give you the complete regime. Normally I’d never do this much…but I’m not getting younger and it’s here for the testing.

Face wash – Mary Kay Velocity. My skin tends to dry so after a while I have to use something without the scrubbing beads inside, just for a few days.
Next I’m experimenting with another swag item: Lancome Absolue Ultimate, replenishing and restructuring serum.
Next, La Roche-Posay Biomedic Facial Shield for moisturizing.
I let this all sit a while before I put on make up.
Next is the primer, either Smashbox or Lorac until I determine which helps my foundation stay on longer.
Foundation by Copeland.
I have bronzer and highlighter powder from Lorac that I’ll use if going out.
Finishing powder is whatever I can find. I honestly have so many and need to pay attention because that can make a difference in staying-power too.

So now you have my regime. And last week I posted some faves of some of our fashionistas. You should have plenty of recommendations for your next shopping trip!

Now for the ‘score my swag’ part. I have two products from Garnier Nutritioniste-TM. Skin Renew moisturizer ($11.99 at and Ultra-Lift-TM anti-wrinkle firming cream ($13.99 at
I need two different ladies willing to test these and report back to be a guest blogger. You have to commit to using it every day for at least 4 weeks. I’d love before and after close ups of your skin too!
Email me your name, age, which product you want to test and why you should be picked to be my tester and guest blogger. Helps if you have wrinkles that need smoothing if you want to test the anti-wrinkle cream. 🙂 I will pick based on best case pleaded to me. Winners will be picked and notified by this Thursday morning and swag will be mailed to you.

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