Techie Travel Buddies

Two things I cannot live without, whether I leave home for two days, to take kids to school, or travel from the kitchen to the bedroom…I have to have technology by my side. Of my last two techie purchases, only one is a bit chic. The other is totally utilitarian – a necessary evil.

The chic gadget is my fab new laptop. I originally wanted the pink Sony Viao but decided against it because guys would laugh at it (not good for professional meetings) and the speakers were so crappy (not good for blasting my new Daughtry CD).

I went with the HP Special Addition white laptop and am starting to love it, now that I’m used to Vista and the latest Microsoft Office product versions. It’s sleek and light…oh, and it works. More than I can say for my old laptop. So that’s a big plus.

My boring to look at but completely necessary device is the Sprint Mogul phone I picked up yesterday. So often I’d be out and about, but not have my contacts with me when I needed to make a call. Now I have more with me that I can fit into my simple little head, or my mini-van. This phone/PDA has email, text messages, internet, and a host of other things I’ll probably never use but have very cute little icons for.

I love that this phone has a slide out keyboard plus touch-screen. Not sure how to make it all work, but it’s fun to play with. No, I don’t really understand how to make a phone call unless it’s to someone in my contact list, but I can get online and google it! It probably wouldn’t be such a boring gadget if I had the patience to learn how to work all the bells and whistles. At least I’ve figured out how to call home…I just speak “phone home” and it works! I wish my kids listened as well as my new phone. I’ll have to talk to the Sprint guys about that option.

These gadgets and a few other items will go on my handy new Samsonite Spinner carry-on bag which doubles at a laptop bag. It’s wonderful in so many ways. The handle is versitile, so either a short or tall person can adjust it to the right height. The laptop compartment is padded and has a few extra pockets for computer-ish things. Great for an extra change of clothes, the computer, camera and a few toiletries. Love it!

Speaking of carry-on…I have to carry on and get moving. My flight leaves later today and I’ve got to get last minute items packed.