Fashion Friday

Hello fashionista’s. This is your KC Fashionista writing from NYC! Right now New York is wet, wet, wet. But not even a little rain can deter me from my goal of getting into some fab fashion shows.

The most amazing show this morning was opened by non other than Mrs. Laura Bush! I’d seen her on tv this morning promoting heart disease awareness for women. You’ve surely seen the little red dress logos.
I was thinking to myself as I waited for the Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection, that it would be so cool if Laura Bush was there. Well…she was. And showing off the beautiful red dresses were loads of fabulous female stars.

The audience gasped and cheered as each woman strutted down the aisle. Allison Janney is one of my favorites from the hit series, The West Wing. She was amazingly elegant in a fitted red gown by Donna Karan.
Sara Rimirez, Dr. Callie Torres on Grey’s Anatomy, looked like a bombshell in her Angel Sanchez gown and my did she strut her stuff!
It was so amazing to see these women in a different light, having a fun time rocking the runway. It was absolutely something you’d expect of New York.
But I never expected Liza Minnelli to float down the runway and I most certainly did not ever dream I would see and hear her LIVE, singing New York, New York. What a treat!

I have so many great photos and videos already. Check the Fashion 411 blog daily to see what’s going on in the big apple and the fashion world!