Party FAQ

We interrupt our regularly scheduled fashion program with this special message…

If you have a question about the Haute Market event, please check out the web site as we’ve tried to put all info on there. I know that some of my very own friends are too lazy to read the site and call/email me with questions…so I’m going to put some of the top FAQ’s here.

Is the event really for 21 and over?
Uh…yeah. That’s why it says that all over the site and on the tickets.
The events have several cash bars, hence no kiddo’s allowed. Not to mention that this fun day out is so we can get AWAY from the kids…not to pay $10 to hang out with someone else’s kids.

What is in the goodie bag?
First of all, the bag itself is awesome and worth the $10. It’s our oversized tote bag with long shoulder strap and zipper to keep you goods inside. Great for the gym or the pool.

Not all bags will have the same goodies inside but here are a few of the items you might find:

Full size moisturizer by Dr. Michelle Copeland – $48 value
or Two dental whitener trays (also Dr. Copeland),
Nibblers tingling lip balm from Passion Parties (some bags),
A Haute Market travel mug (some bags),
and I haven’t received these yet, but I’m told we’re getting a full-sized SkinMilk product and the fabulous Steppies gel pads for your shoes, from Apara – enough for everyone to get one of each!
Also a voucher for a free cup of coffee from It’s a Grind in Overland Park. (goodie bag items subject to change without notice)

Will there be food or drinks?
We’ll have several cash bars open and a wine station. No food, so pick up something before hand so you have plenty of energy to shop.

What payment methods to the vendors take?
Many take credit/debit cards, but bring cash and checkbook for those who don’t.

Are their prize drawings?
YES! We tear off your ticket stub, we’ll use it for pulling prize winning numbers. If you bought a goodie bag, you’ll get an extra ticket for that, so an extra entry to the drawings! There will be about 15 drawings.

Put on that outfit that’s been hanging in the closet that you’ve been looking for a reason to wear! come prepared to party at Haute Market! We have a fabulous DJ spinning great music and lots of fabulous designers and boutiques – many with clearance items!!