Pucker Up – More Lip Wars

Next on my list of lip colors that, hopefully, last…
L’Oreal – Endless Kissable, claiming on the box to be “anti-fading, satin colour.”
Did it live up to the label? Keep reading…

The L’Oreal lipcolor, was much easier to apply than the others on my list due to it being more like a lip stick and not paint on a q-tip. The instructions said to NOT rub your lips together like I automatically do when applying typical lip stick. So I had to muster up some self control and wait for it to dry.
This product doesn’t have a gloss included, which made it feel a little strange. It was sticky at first. I got used to it, though, and the product didn’t dry out on my lips like I thought it might not having a gloss.

The L’Oreal Endless Kissable did not come off on my coffee cup and lasted several hours! Hooray! After coffee, then lunch and 5 hrs of wear, it was fading a bit on the top lip, like yesterdays product, but still a major improvement from regular lip stick!
I even tested it out by planting several kisses on my littlest monster and he didn’t run way with proof of the crime. What was even more cute was that he noticed my long-lasting color and said “mommy has lips“.
I used raisin berry color and the color on the container was true to what I thought the color would be on my lips. Nice to have some consistency for something that stays with you all day.

Overall I’m happy with this L’Oreal lip product and will definitely be using it, not trashing it!