Lip Service

Products come and go, lipstick colors change with the seasons. What I’d like to stick is my lipsticks. So the quest for long-wearing lip color that actually wears longer than my first cup of coffee is on.

Let me preface with a little disclaimer. I did not get free samples. I bought the products I’m reviewing. These are my honest to goodness findings and opinions. I’m not endorsing anything…just chatting. Got it? Good.

First victim on the list. Revlon Colorstay, Overtime Lipcolor in Ultimate Wine.
This was my first time with this type of applicator and I plan to try this one again later this week just to give it a fair chance.
First, application with these wands is foreign to me. It’s like a little sponge on the end of a small stick.
I find these tools difficult for precision. More color seems to go to the edge of the lip instead of an even coverage all over. This is not just Revlon’s product, this is a repetitive difficulty for me with all these wand applicators.
So application is a bit tricky and you need to get it right the first time because as far as the long-wearing claims go, that’s true…if you mess up it’s going to be there a while. Especially if you put make up on in the car like I do.
Word to the wise….practice several times at home until you get the application right and you know you have the right color.
I did not choose the right color so spent a long day looking ‘not quite right’.

After you’ve applied the color layer, you must let it dry for a few minutes. I waited about 5 minutes. It was still a bit sticky but went ahead and applied the gloss. The gloss, I was told by the Ulta employee, is added because these long-wear colors, much like stains, can be drying otherwise.

The Revlon product did last a long time. But overall, my virgin experience with this new-to-me product did not go well. However it did last a long time as they claim. I’d say it was a good 5 hours before I could see a bit of wear.

Check back tomorrow when I reveal my experience with a Loreal and Almay long-wear lip color product!