Lips that Schtick

Next on the list of long-wear lip colors put to the test is Almay’s Truly LastingTM Color.
I tried the roseberry color and it wasn’t the best choice for me. It urned out lighter than I thought it would, especially once the gloss was applied.

Again we’re dealing with this spongy applicator for the color. It seems to put more on the edge of my lips and less in the “thick of it”. So, again, precise application is a must. But even more so with this product because it lasts and lasts…so long that the energizer bunny is fast asleep before you can think of getting this color off your lips. That might seem like a great idea, but not if the color you pick isn’t right for you. I didn’t like this because it lasted too long. I know, I know…that’s their point. But it was a bit worrisome to be using make up remover on my lips, then a lip scrub, then after giving up, waking up with some of that color still on my lips!

So while the product did what it said, I think someone got a little carried away with the formula. It was a little gooey feeling. That added to the poor color choice on my part…it just wasn’t a good lip day.

I’d probably try this in another color just to give it a fair chance, but I really don’t care for the applicator and felt much more comfortable using the L’Oreal product reviewed yesterday.

I did try the ULTA version of the long-wear, but not for very long. The color was not good either (obviously I need some training in color choices) so I took it off early. Same spongy tip I don’t care for, same stickiness as the others.

So it all comes down to user preference on this test. The products did all last for me much longer than regular lipstick. If that is your only goal, it’s definitely worth the $10 or so for this long-wear color. If I had been busy all day and not purposely focusing on my lips, I may have ignored the stickiness. Now I’ll know to go with a shade darker/deeper since the products with a gloss seemed to lighted on me once applied.

Overall, this was a good experience and hopefully gave you some tips for your future purchases. Definitely try a few different kinds. If you do, let me know your thoughts here on the Fashion 411 blog!