No Bull About Botox

Good morning fashionistas!
For many of us, it’s not easy to be beautiful. Goodness knows I put on a good effort some days and still don’t see it. I think at best, I get called “cute”. Hmmm….thanks.
Tell a woman she looks great, slim, happy…but not cute!

This week I’m shedding the veil of secrecy about what some consider ‘vanity treatments’.
If you haven’t had any, you’ve thought about it. If you’ve had some treatments, you want more. I thought, had, want. I’m coming clean about it so you can have the scoop.

In my effort to look less like a cranky b—h, I threw in the towel about my scowl lines and went to Aestheticare for Botox a while back. My first treatment had a great result and my appointment turned out to be a funny story I’ll share for ages. (Read the original post here).

My first Botox treatment was last September. I was amazed. Botox doesn’t erase those two lines between your brows, but for me it certainly helped lessen the creases and prevented me from further furrowing. Sometime in the last few weeks I noticed it had worn off, which they tell you it will after about 3 months. I had another treatment about a week ago and can definitely see the difference. I’m now perpetually un-furrowed. No matter how angry I get at my boys they don’t seem to be taking me too seriously because I don’t look like the angry witch.

Botox isn’t cheap. It’s priced per cc that they inject. So it depends on how much they use, how many locations you want treated. For my scowl between the brows it was just under $300. If it lasts three months then we’re talking about an investment of $100 per month. Not such a bad deal if you consider that many of you probably spend that on coffee and crappy drive thru food, which does nothing for your complexion.

I’m not good at tolerating pain. For me, Botox was almost painless. This last treatment there was one poke that gave me a start and bothered me for about 3 seconds. The rest was just like a quick pinch, if that.

Will I do Botox again? Probably. But not for a while. Maybe a treatment or two each year. Right now I’d rather spend on the laser hair removal and hopefully soon try the treatments to start fading my sun spots from years of no sunscreen as a kid.