Hairy Bear

Let’s face it…it’s ridiculously cold outside. You’re wearing big flannel pj’s to bed. Chances are that your legs are hibernating and growing hairier by the day. You too? It’s not that we’re lazy, it’s just that in the grand scheme of things, shaving takes way more time than it’s worth at the moment. My legs don’t plan to see the light of day until the groundhog pops his head up, so why waste all that precious hot water shaving?

Laser hair removal is the answer. I hope to get to my legs eventually. Right now I’m having my underarms treated at Aestheticare. So far, so good.
Funny story….
My friend is going for her first underarm treatment today. She called last night and asked me if she needed to shave. When I said “yes”, she sounded slightly disappointed. The silly girl had been letting the hair grow because she thought it was like being waxed. Her poor husband! 🙂
Yes, you must shave prior to having laser hair removal. Most places will do that for you, but charge extra.

What does it feel like? It’s very tolerable. This from a gal who asks for an epidural for a stubbed toe. It’s a quick snap, similar to a rubber band. And for that second, it’s hot. Then the tool they use immediately gets super cool.
To do both arms usually takes under 15 minutes.
After my first treatment I noticed a huge difference. Less hair. Results are different for everyone, but I can say that it’s working great for me and I’ll continue until underarm shaving is a thing of the past for me!

Check back tomorrow – no bull about Botox!

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