Need Some Kneading

One of the many great things about Haute Market is that I now know so many fabulous K.C. businesses owners and have toured their facilities, tried many of their products and services. I just love recommending trusted businesses to my friends.

When you need some great services or products around K.C., visit the Haute Market sponsors, designers and boutiques. Each event is archived so you can always go back and find a link to that favorite business person you met at Haute Market.

I’m hoping to utilize the service of Massage Envy this week. I’m in need of some kneading. I’ve been stressing way too much about making the trip to Fashion Week ‘worth it’, readying the upcoming event plans, and gathering info to start doing my taxes. It’s probably safe to say that we all get to that point some days where we can’t bend anymore…we simply feel like we’ll break. That’s when it’s time to make the call, give your self a little treat, and get a massage to make you feel a little more flexible.

Several of the fabulous massage therapists from Massage Envy in Olathe and Overland Park will be at the Feb. 10th event to give you a quick massage treat in between your shopping excursions. Xiphium will also be back with us to give hair and make up touch-ups. Make sure you have your shopping party ticket to enjoy the perks of Haute Market!

The Contest: the first person to email me with the correct Month and Year of the first Haute Market shopping event wins a set of two tickets: two admission and two goodie bags! $40 Value. Email