Fresh Perspective

Without getting too deep and introspective, I want to take a moment to step back and be even more candid than I usually am. (scary, huh?)
All this stuff about fashion, beauty and such…is a bit superficial. Obviously you and I have bigger fish to fry most days that which lipstick will stay on, or who has the most fresh new style coming for spring. I want you to know that I realize that and appreciate the fact that we are all busy, stressed and some days, completely maxed out on patience.

Haute Market is here to provide relief and a fun outlet for those days when you just need to think about something else besides how you’ll get all the kids to their respective sports practices, or how you can possibly make happy a boss who will never be pleased.

When you need a change of pace or something to distract you for a moment, I want the Fashion 411 to be a place you’ll visit. When you’ve been neglecting to get together with your girl friends and need their laughter near you, I hope you’ll all come to the shopping parties for some levity. A ten minute massage or a quick make-up touch-up can do wonders!

It took a major family emergency for me to slow down and step back and I missed posting last Friday’s blog because of it. But I found myself craving this levity, this distraction from “real” life. So I hope you realize that my life does not revolve around fashion and beauty, but this is my job and I love it. I want you to love coming here and I want you to look forward to each and every Haute Market event, so that even if for just an hour or two, you have an escape to just be YOU.