Lip Smack

Is that crackling sound I hear the ice-covered trees out my window or your crusty dry lips? ICK! I’m here to save you my pets. Today is another list of my favorite things, starring lips!
First of all, surely you know to hydrate from within..yes? Drink loads of water. It’s like the fountain of youth for your skin.

I’ll tell you a few of the things I do to keep my smackers ready to pucker.
When my lips are a bit flaky I go to a lip mask by Mary Kay. The satin lips lip mask has a gentle exfoliating ingredient. It says to apply gently, but I give my lips a bit of a scrub.
Then I have a clean palette for applying lip sticks.

Upon that clean palette I like to apply lip stain by Urban Decay. I only discovered the glories of lip stain last week when my Urban Decay order came in. I have the Illegal color and love it!
I have a terrible time getting lip color to stay on. I think my lips still have the light pink stain on them that I applied yesterday!

When I’m out and about and have a dry lip emergency, I have two products I turn to:
Lano Lip lip balm and lip balm by BOBE – beyond ordinary bath essentials.
Both are great but made of different ingredients so if one doesn’t work for you, the other surely will. Usually I have the Lano Lip and my son has the Bobe in his backpack. Bobe has contributed to our goodie bags several times so many of you have probably experienced it’s soothing qualities.

So pucker up girls because you never know where that mistletoe will turn up!