Lash Bash

I love using fake lashes for a special event. It’s especially fantastic for photos and/or tv. The extra oomph it gives eyes can be a stunning look. But it’s obviously not for every day. Mascara, however, I use almost every day. It’s a staple in my make up bag for sure.

Today I bring you the scoop, and my humble opinion, on five mascaras I’ve tried in the last week to help you make your lashes beautiful, in less time, this holiday season.

Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara has been an old favorite of mine. However now that I’ve been experimenting, I’m not so taken with it. I found, that for my lashes, the brush pieces are too far apart, giving me clumps and that the mascara isn’t going on very well. Not giving me much length or volume.

Avon Astonishing Lengths – I think it’s on sale for $2.99 for a reason. The brush pieces are too thick, as in there is so much brush per section that it can’t separate my lashes. The space between the sections would be good otherwise. So it went on messy, clumpy and left me frustrated.

Revlon Lash Fantasy® Waterproof Primer & Mascara, primer/mascara combo seemed like something fun to try. The primer part was easy and seemed to give a good first coat to my lashes. The next step, the mascara, wasn’t as impressive. It didn’t give me precise separation like it claims.

Rimmel Lash Maxxx has been my favorite lately. I love the unique applicator giving me fantastic lash separation and great length and color. My only complaint is that it dries so quickly that I have to get it right the first time because a second coat can get clumpy. The fact that I get good results overall makes it my fave.

My other fave is my old MaryKay waterproof mascara, but it’s the old version and I haven’t tried the updated model. I’m speaking of the one that was pink with the gold lid. The brush was a bit too long for me, but the coverage was very easy. It didn’t lengthen quite as much as the Rimmel, but again, the benefits outweigh that one thing. I can do this one in the car, while the Rimmel really needs a steadier hand.
In the end, my fave is Rimmel Lash Maxxx because when it counts, this one gives me the best result.

I hope this helps your holiday party preparations. Look for more tips and reviews this week!