Concert Hangover?

I know some of you gals have it. Which of you is dragging your booty out of bed with ears still ringing? Miss Hannah Montana blazed into Kansas City last night, which may have been a treat to see, but it’s the thousands of screaming little girls that I could do without. No earplugs big enough, no Valium strong enough.
Ugh…I cannot imagine the fashion and hair woe’s some of you may have had to deal with as your darling little girl turned to crazed concertess.

If you were at the concert last night, share some details!
My boys want to know how the Jonas Brothers were (my three monsters do a great impression).

Now that Miss Montana is heading out of town, what will the radio stations talk about? I swear if I heard about it one more time!
Who knew that just when we thought we were rid of Billy Ray, he’d be back. Thank goodness he spawned a child with talent.