The Haute Hangover Strikes Again

Are you feeling it? It’s nothing to do with alcohol…it’s just the exhaustion after being at such a fun shopping party.
It was so wonderful to see so many faces I recognized of my repeat guests, but also all the new faces. So many Haute Market virgins were in the room last night. It was such a treat to see you all and have a smaller event so that I could work the room and visit with so many of you.
Thank you for coming!
And OH MY…the shopping frenzy was a blast! I even had time to shop this time. I hope those of you who made it to the event last night had an enjoyable time and that you’ll be back for more. Many of you walked out with arms loaded full of clothes, gifts, and more! 🙂

The Wine Bar did a fantastic job with the food display and Chef Terry always cooks up amazing treats for us. Mouthwatering meatballs, delightful desserts…yum! Thank you guys!!

I hope you all have wonderful holidays and that you’ll be back to party with us in February for the next event. 2008 will be a wonderful year!

Cheers! Jennifer

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