Pretty Printz

As usual, I went to the shoe store for a pair of shoes, came out with 4. Now I find reasons to wear my cute new shoes so everyone can see.

One of the things I bought that you won’t see is like a secret little treasure just for me….me and my feet anyway. Treasure your feet with the Printz foam inserts. I thought I loved the Steppies that Apara contributed to the October goodie bags…I think I love the Printz even more!
They are a bit more thin than the Steppies. Great for when I’m barely squeezing my feet into a pair of must-have’s.
Plus the Printz come in several different girly prints: zebra, blue camo, tiger and more! Hence, the name. (unfortunately no graphics yet to show you)

Apara saved the shoe day once again, and the balls of my feet for my ultra-high heeled shoes.

Three-inch high heels have you down? Apara picks you up and puts your feet at ease. Can you tell that I love these things? I swear this is not a paid advert! You don’t know how many shoes I have that I never wear because I’d have to sit or else be crippled with pain. Now…nothing some ibuprofen and some Printz can’t handle!
I bought mine at DSW. You can also purchase online at