Tanked My Travel Toast

I am not a happy lush today. I’ve just read the list of permitted items for air travel and it looks like they are going to put the kabosh on my bringing a big bottle of champagne on the flight. Also on the list of no-no’s is my sword, saber and cattle prod. Good to know.

The TSA has 86’d my plans for toasting my first girls trip until we reach Miami. The worst part is that now we have to schelp around to find someplace to get our goods. At least they’ll probably have fresh orange juice.

Now what in the world does a midwest girl pack for South Beach? Thankfully I was in shopping mode all summer and picked up some great summer dresses when My Michelle and I went searching for deals at several end of summer sales. Those outfits with tags still on and shoes that have barely scuffed soles are doing dances in my closet knowing they’ll be on the beach in just a few days.

Hey chic chicks, post your travel tips right here on the blog. And if you know a great place we should visit while in Miami Beach, definitely let us know! I’m off to my friends at the Wine Bar & Lukas Liquor to get some mini bottles, because under 3oz is allowed. Yahoo! (oops, there’s the yahoo-ing again).

TSA Prohibited Items List

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  1. Sarah
    November 13, 2007 at 1:57 pm

    Here are some of my “rules of the road” for travel:)
    Pashmina – cold airplane and chilly evenings
    Use evening bag/clutch as a makeup bag and store your makeup in it during the flight
    Bring your own conditioner but use hotel shampoo
    Bring your own body/foot/hand lotion because hotel lotions always suck
    Take advantage of holiday gift sets for miniature perfumes so you don’t have to bring your full size bottle
    Wear cute flats to travel in – no lace up shoes because you hold up the line at security trying to put them back on
    Always pack a mini notebook and pens – good ideas always seem to happen during travel when your mind is a bit more open and relaxed

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